Our client is highly transparent, blockchain based and comes with more than 100 features.

A new era for gamers

GoWager is a blockchain based peer-to-peer client that allows you to earn real money by playing online games like Dota 2. It is completely free.

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Embrace blockchain technology

GoWager client is based on the Solana blockchain.

In this illustration the player has to reach minimum 500 XP/Minute to win the challenge.

Esports betting on yourself without a bookamker.
Bet-on-Yourself (BoY)

Place a wager on your own home gaming action. If you're a skilled gamer you will have a lot of fun and great success with GoWager.

Our blockchain software is peer to peer.

The software assigns you automatically a challenge. This can be for example 3 deaths or less. A total of 10 players are matched and the profits of the lost challenges are distributed among the winners.

Deposit funds to your Solana blockchain wallet
How to add funds?

GoWager does not process payments, but major exchanges like Coinbase or Binance do. You only have to transfer Tether USD (USDT) to your assigned blockchain address.

Sharing Blockchain Ecosystem

Best rewards program in the Esports industry

Zero platform commission

Our blockchain based client has 0.00% commission for challenges and tokenizing valuable assets. All winnings are credited without deduction to your wallet.

Cashout in less than 400 milliseconds

Transfer your funds to an exchange and cashout your profits or create a custom tradeable token within our ecosystem at blazing fast speeds.

Types of tokens available in our client

GoWager has the most powerful ecosystem in the Esports industry.

Tether Token (USDT)
  • Tether is a stablecoin and used in our client as payment currency and to join challenges.

Available on

Binance Exchange   Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange

Subscription Token Ecosystem
Subscription Token
  • A subscription token can be created from your Tether balance. Users with an active subscription have lowest fees and earn higher rewards.

Subscription starts at


GoWager Shares
GoWager Dividend Token (GODT)
  • GoWager Diviend Token is our core token of our ecosystem. Holders of this token receive monthly dividend payments.

Fixed Price


Redeem Crypto Voucher
  • You have the option to generate tokens based on your balance at any time. These tokens can be sold, traded, or redeemed on a different account.

Zero fees



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